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 Custom granny flats and studios, once regarded as modest backyard additions, granny flats
and studios have evolved into versatile, multi-functional living spaces catering to various
needs. From cosy studios to spacious two-bedroom units, these customised structures have
transcended their traditional role and have become solutions for contemporary living in
various capacities. In this blog, brought to you by Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria, we'll
explore the different sizes and uses of granny flats and studios, therefore, showcasing their
flexibility and potential as spaces for family, work, relaxation, and more.


The Studio: Compact and Cosy

Studios represent the epitome of compact living. Additionally these small but well-designed
units are perfect for individuals or couples looking to downsize or simplify their lifestyle.
With an open floor plan that combines living, dining, and sleeping areas, studios offer a
space-efficient solution without sacrificing comfort. They are excellent options for:

Independent Living for Seniors

Studios provide older family members a self-contained space to maintain independence while
staying close to loved ones. Moreover, these cosy units offer all the necessities within arm's
reach, making daily living convenient and comfortable for seniors.

Teenage Retreats

Teenagers often appreciate having a space; a studio’s can be a perfect teenage retreat. It
allows them to enjoy a sense of independence while still being under the watchful eye of
parents. Therefore teenagers can customise these compact living spaces to reflect their unique
tastes and preferences.

Home Offices

 In an era of remote work, a studio can serve as a dedicated home office, providing a quiet,
distraction-free environment for maximum productivity. These units can be designed to
accommodate all the essentials of a modern workspace, including comfortable seating, ample
desk space, and high-speed internet connectivity.


The One-Bedroom Granny Flat: Space and Versatility

One-bedroom granny flats are the next step in space and functionality. In fact these units offer
a separate bedroom, enhancing privacy and creating a more defined living environment.
Here's how they can be used:

Multi-Generational Living

Two-bedroom granny flats can house more than one generation, allowing grandparents,
parents, and children to live harmoniously nearby. These units can be designed with separate
living areas to ensure everyone has space and privacy.

Parent Retreats

For parents who need a break from the hustle and bustle of family life, a two-bedroom granny
flat can serve as a tranquil retreat, complete with all the comforts of home. These units can
feature luxurious amenities such as en-suite bathrooms, walk-in closets, and even a small
kitchenette for added convenience.

Privacy for seniors

Two-bedroom granny flats offer distinct living areas, which can be invaluable for seniors.
One of the bedrooms can serve as the main bedroom, and a second bedroom can be available
for other purposes, such as a craft room or a second bedroom.


Crafting Custom Living Spaces to Suit Your Lifestyle

In addition to building granny flats, our expertise extends to crafting a diverse range of living
spaces tailored to your unique needs. We excel in creating custom buildings that perfectly
align with your lifestyle and aspirations.

Home Office

As remote work becomes more prevalent, a granny flat can be transformed into a professional
home office, offering a dedicated workspace free from household distractions. Additionally,
these units can be customised with built-in desks, ample storage, and high-speed internet

Music Room or Studio

A soundproof granny flat can serve as a music room or recording studio for musicians and
enthusiasts, allowing uninterrupted creativity. For this reason, these units can have
acoustically designed interiors and soundproofing materials to ensure the highest quality

Art Studio or Workshop

Artists, craftsmen, and hobbyists can convert a granny flat into a dedicated space for creative
endeavours, with ample storage and natural light. Therefore, these units can be designed with
large windows or skylights to provide optimal lighting for artistic pursuits.

Pool House

The units can also function as pool houses, providing a convenient space for changing,
showering, and relaxing after a refreshing swim. Consequently, they can be designed with
large sliding glass doors opening up to the pool area, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor


Designing Your Perfect Granny Flat

Whether you're considering a granny flat for independent living or as a versatile extension of
your home, the key is customisation. Each size and purpose can be tailored to meet your
unique needs and preferences. Engage with professionals who understand granny flat design
and construction nuances to ensure your vision is brought to life effectively.

Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria is your trusted partner. Creating custom granny flats and
studios that cater to your specific requirements. With years of experience and a commitment
to quality.  Furthermore, we specialise in crafting living spaces that are functional and
aesthetically pleasing. Our team works with you. Understanding your needs, design
preferences, and budget, ensuring your granny flat project is a seamless and satisfying

In conclusion, custom granny flats and studios have evolved far beyond their humble
beginnings. From compact studios to spacious two-bedroom units. These versatile structures
can serve various purposes, from independent living spaces for seniors to holiday cabins and
home offices. All our builds follow Australian Standards. They offer flexibility, privacy, and
endless customisation possibilities, making them valuable additions to properties of all sizes.
So, whether you're looking to accommodate family members or create a specialised space for
work or leisure, granny flats' many sizes and uses make them a versatile and valuable
investment in modern living. Choose Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria for expert guidance and
impeccable craftsmanship in bringing your granny flat dreams to life.

Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria work all over Victoria. Including but not limited to Bacchus
Marsh - Bairnsdale - Ballarat - Bendigo- Drouin - Echuca - Geelong - Horsham - Lara -
Maryborough - Melbourne - Moe - Morwell - Mildura - Ocean Grove - Sale - Seymour -
Swan Hill - Shepparton - Torquay - Traralgon - Warrnambool - Wangaratta - Wodonga - Yea.



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The Benefits of Custom Built Granny Flats

Custom Built Granny Flats

Custom built granny flats are the ever-evolving landscape of modern housing. Granny flats
have transcended their traditional roles to become versatile living spaces that cater to a wide
range of needs. Among the various options available, custom building stand out as a
remarkable choice that offers many benefits for homeowners. This article delves into custom
built granny flats. Exploring their unique advantages and shedding light on why they're an
excellent investment for those seeking functional, stylish, and tailored living spaces.

Tailored to Your Needs and Lifestyle

One of the most significant advantages of opting for a custom built granny flat is the ability
to tailor every aspect of its design to suit your lifestyle. Unlike prefabricated options, which
come with limitations, custom built granny flats provide the flexibility. Choosing layouts,
features, and finishes that align with your preferences. Whether you desire an open-concept
layout that promotes social interaction, multiple bedrooms to accommodate a growing family,
or unique architectural details that reflect your style, a custom approach ensures your vision
becomes a tangible reality.

Maximised Use of Space

Every property possesses unique characteristics, and a custom built granny flat takes full
advantage of the available space. With our guidance, homeowners can collaborate to optimise
the layout. This ensures that every square foot serves a purpose, minimising wasted space and
enhancing functionality. Whether your property has an irregular shape, limited land area, or
specific spatial challenges, a custom design approach ensures that the granny flat fits
seamlessly and efficiently into the existing environment.

Innovative Design and Functionality

Custom built granny flats provide a canvas for innovative design solutions. Empowering
homeowners to incorporate creative storage solutions, multifunctional furniture, and cutting-
edge technologies. This approach enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of the living
space. The result is a granny flat that not only meets your immediate needs but also
anticipates future demands, catering to the evolving requirements of your lifestyle.

Quality Craftsmanship

Investing in a custom built granny flat and partnering with Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria,
we work with skilled trades who take pride in their work. The attention to detail and
dedication to quality craftsmanship translate into a living space built to last. Each element is
meticulously crafted from the foundation to the finishing touches to ensure durability and
longevity. We combine skilled labour and high-quality materials, resulting in a granny flat
that is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and a valuable asset.

Enhanced Property Value

Granny flats have the potential to boost the value of a property significantly. A custom-built
unit that seamlessly integrates with the primary residence and the surrounding landscape can
elevate the property's overall aesthetic appeal. The versatility of a custom built design ensures
that the granny flat complements the existing architectural style, contributing to the property's
overall visual harmony.

Multi-Generational Living

As the concept of multi-generational living gains traction, custom built granny flats offer an
ideal solution. These self-contained living spaces provide autonomy for different generations
while maintaining a strong sense of connection. A custom granny flat can accommodate
diverse living arrangements for aging parents who seek a comfortable and independent living
environment, young adults transitioning into adulthood, or extended family members. This
adaptability ensures that the living space caters to each family's unique needs and dynamics.

Environmental Considerations

Custom built granny flats allow homeowners to prioritise environmentally friendly features.
From energy-efficient windows and appliances to sustainable building materials. You can
create a space that aligns with your green living aspirations. This commitment to
sustainability reduces your environmental footprint. It positions your granny flat as a
forward-thinking and responsible living space.

Local Regulations Compliance

Navigating local zoning and building regulations can be complex, especially when
constructing additional living spaces on your property. However, working with Granny Flats
& Cabins Victoria ensures that all necessary permits and approvals are obtained. This peace
of mind eliminates potential legal hassles down the line. It ensures that your investment is in
full compliance with local regulations.

Personal Investment and Satisfaction

One of the most rewarding aspects of opting for a custom built granny flat is the personal
investment in the project. From the initial design discussions to seeing the finished product,
homeowners are involved in every process step. This hands-on approach creates a living
space that reflects your unique tastes, preferences, and lifestyle. The sense of accomplishment
and satisfaction derived from creating a space that perfectly aligns with your vision is

Work with Us

In conclusion, the benefits of granny flats extend far beyond mere additional living space.
They offer tailored designs, maximise space, and provide the opportunity to invest in quality
craftsmanship and innovative features. With the potential for enhanced property value, and
sustainable living, custom built granny flats are a testament to modern living's possibilities.
Whether you're looking to accommodate family members or create a personalised sanctuary.
The advantage of custom building makes them an appealing choice for homeowners. Who are
seeking a distinctive and functional living space that's uniquely their own.

Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria are member of HIA signifying our commitment to industry
standards, a strict code of ethics, and quality assurance.

Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria work all over Victoria. Including but not limited to Bacchus
Marsh - Bairnsdale - Ballarat - Bendigo- Drouin - Echuca - Geelong - Horsham - Lara -
Maryborough - Melbourne - Moe - Morwell - Mildura - Ocean Grove - Sale - Seymour -
Swan Hill - Shepparton - Torquay - Traralgon - Warrnambool - Wangaratta - Wodonga - Yea.



How to Make your Granny Flat a Home.

Granny flats, also know as dependant persons unit, are becoming increasingly popular as a housing solution for families and retirees. While granny flats are often compact and functional, they can also be cozy and comfortable with a few simple design tips. Here are some key points on how to make a granny flat feel like a home:

1. Define the Space

Granny flats are often small, so it’s important to define the space in a way that maximizes functionality and comfort. Consider using furniture and decor to create distinct areas for sleeping, living, and dining. Use rugs, curtains, or screens to visually separate different zones and create a sense of privacy.

2. Add Personal Touches

Just because a granny flat is small doesn’t mean it can’t be personalized. Add personal touches such as family photos, artwork, or sentimental items to make the space feel like home. Consider incorporating plants, candles, or other decorative elements to add warmth and personality..

3. Use Storage Wisely

Storage is key in a granny flat, so it’s important to use it wisely. Consider built-in storage solutions such as shelves, cabinets, or drawers to maximize space and keep clutter at bay. Use multi-functional furniture such as a storage ottoman or bed with built-in drawers to save space and add functionality.

4. Make it Comfortable

Comfort is key in any home, and a granny flat is no exception. Invest in comfortable bedding, pillows, and seating to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Consider adding soft lighting, such as table lamps or string lights, to create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

5. Create Outdoor Space

A granny flat is often located in the backyard of an existing home, so take advantage of the outdoor space. Create a small patio or deck with outdoor seating and plants to create an outdoor oasis. Consider adding a small garden or herb planter to bring some greenery and freshness to the space.

In conclusion, a granny flat can be a cozy and comfortable home with a few simple design tips. By defining the space, adding personal touches, using storage wisely, making it comfortable, and creating outdoor space, you can transform a granny flat into a warm and inviting home.



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Granny Flats - Teenage Retreats - Workshops

What is a Granny Flat?

Granny flats are an increasingly popular addition to any suburban or country home, especially if you are looking for extra space or an extra room. Granny flats are a fully self contained home that is built on the same block of land that you own. The correct term in Victoria for granny flats is a ‘DPU’, which means a dependent person’s unit. A dependent person’s unit is actually clearly defined as a moveable dwelling that is on the same lot as an existing dwelling and used to provide accommodation for a person that is dependent on the main house, keeping in mind that a Granny Flat can be equipped with a full bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Check with your local council about their rules and regulations concerning Granny Flats when you are going to sell your home. Please call us for more information.


Teenage Retreats / Studio Living - an alternative living solution

 With education costs and rent on the rise, more and more kids are choosing to stay at home longer these days. The pressure for your kids to earn money, whilst studying or saving for their own home can be too much for teenagers to take on as soon as they leave school. Having said that, not all parents want their kids to stay at home longer than they have to! Teenage Retreats/ Studio Livings are a popular and economical option to help solve this problem for families. Bigger than an extra room, teenage retreats are cheaper than a granny flat and come in many different designs and layouts.


What are Teenage Retreats?

 Teenage retreats are self-contained bungalow style homes. They can fit easily into your existing backyard, from small to large outdoor areas. Unlike a Granny Flat, (which can be equipped with a full bathroom, full kitchen and laundry), a Teenage Retreat can only have a small bench with a sink (no cooking facilities) and bathroom (no laundry). There are different options available though, please call us with your wish list and we will advise you on your options. We advise that you work within your local council regulations as there will be specific guidelines you may need to meet. 

 Not only are our Teenage Retreats manufactured in our local factory, they are also fully engineered and certified to meet all relevant building codes and we provide a complete product and installation warranty. Our experienced staff provide an obligation and hassle free experience throughout all stages of the process including initial design, council approval, installation, and after sales service. All teenage retreats require building permits, which our friendly staff can obtain for you.


Workshop Sheds - pool house, home office, studio - the choice is endless

Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria offer a comprehensive and stylish range of timber workshops that offer the flexibility to be used as a pool house, home office, studio, rumpus / games room or even just storage. With ample width and space our workshop sheds will suit any project or purpose that you have in mind.

At Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria our workshop sheds are all engineered to meet Australian Standards and Building Codes. All workshop sheds require building permits, so why not let one of our friendly staff arrange your building permits for you. All workshop sheds within our range are designed and constructed to uphold our commitment to style, function, durability and attention to detail - all at competitive prices.

Our attractive timber workshop shed range is available in kit form, with prefabricated panels, making it easy for any handyman and DIY couple to install. Alternatively, you could have one of Matt's builders install your workshop for you, leaving you to just plaster the workshop shed if you so desire.



Installing a verandah adds style and space providing not only protection from the weather, but also a place to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. Our signature verandahs come standard at 1.2 or 1.5 metre wide treated pine decking, overhanging Colorbond® roof and kiln dried treated pine posts. Your verandah can be positioned anywhere on your teenage retreat or workshop.



 Granny Flats & Cabin Victoria have a range of set granny flat designs for you to choose from, which can be modified to suit your situation. If you have a design that you have dreamed of, simply bring it in and we will let you know if it is possible to build or we will redesign it with you.

Consultation is vital and we pride ourselves on developing the best solution to your needs. We consider site restrictions, family concerns and of course the needs of the occupier. The final outcome is a home personalised to your situation.

Colours: We have a huge range of colours to choose from for your carpets, paint, kitchen benches and more.


Site Inspections

Many factors play a part when it comes to where you position your granny flat, so first things first, it is vital that a site inspection is done on your property. These include setbacks from side and back boundaries, easements, size of the property, trees etc. Our fully trained staff will assess your situation and offer relevant advice to simplify the process. Even though we do a planning check before we attend your property so we know in advance if a planning permit is needed, your council area may still require you to have one, which will be determined at the building permit stage.


Building Permits

Everybody who buys a granny flat needs a building permit, but not everybody needs a planning permit. This can lead to confusion; however we will work with you to sort out these requirements. A building permit makes sure that the building of your granny flat meets Australian standards and building specifications. We advise that we obtain your building permit on your behalf, to make the process a whole lot smoother. At Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria we obtain the building permit from our private building surveyor who we have been dealing with for over 17 years.

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At Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria we can build a pergola to suit your area and your needs.  We build custom sizes and have different roofing materials that you can choose from such as Colorbond Roofing, Balinese Thatching, African Thatching and SolarSpan.  


A Colorbond roof gazebo can blend in with any backyard setting, and are great for those outdoor entertaining areas.  You have a choice of any of the colorbond colours, and they can be designed to suit your house and your backyard.  If you would like to build a Colorbond pergola that is larger than 10sqm, we can also handle the building permit for you.

Balinese Thatch

Our Balinese Thatched pergolas are a natural product that will enhance your outdoor area and create a resort like atmosphere.  The thatching is made from alang alang grass, and its natural insulation qualities can reduce heat in the summer by up to 10 degrees.  As a Balinse Thatch is not 100% waterproof, you are allowed up to 20sqm without a permit.  However, if you would like to go bigger, we can handle the building permit for you.

African Thatch

Our African Thatched pergolas can also give you the resort vibe, with a neater finish.  A natural product, made from Cape Reed, it also has insulation qualities that can reduce heat in the summer by up to 10 degrees.  The African Thatch is also not 100% waterproof, so you can build up to 20sqm without a permit.  However, if you would like to go bigger, we can handle the building permit for you.


The SolarSpan pergolas are a great alternative to the Colorbond pergola.  They can blend in with your backyard, and also have insulation qualities that reduce the heat in the summer.  The SolarSpan material gives your pergola a modern feel and is great for those outdoor entertaining areas.  The SolarSpan also gives you less timber framing underneath, leaving you with a neat finish.  If you would like to build a SolarSpan pergola that is larger than 10sqm, we can also handle the building permit for you.

Why not add decking underneath your pergola!  To view information about our decking, click here

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Our Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds

Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria have designed a luxury garden shed range that is classier than a standard shed, where you have the option of insulating and plastering. Built with higher walls to achieve more space, our sheds are an attractive addition to your backyard.

Our garden sheds are perfect for those who need more storage space, or a larger working area for  projects. We have many different sizes and options available and we are confident we can meet your needs. With the flexibility of changing your solid timber door to double shed doors to help get those bigger items in and out of your shed, or add a step to make it easier to access your new working space. If you need extra light, you can add a sliding aluminium lockable window.

At Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria we custom design every shed to suit your backyard. Custom making every shed means you can have any size as long as it comes under 10m2.  We can add doors and windows and position them where you like, we can also change the cladding to suit your needs.  If the gable roof design isn’t what you are after, we can change it to a skillion or hip roof.  The possibilities are endless, and our goal is to give you the shed that you want.


Installing a verandah adds style and space providing not only protection from the weather, but also a place to relax and unwind. Our verandahs come complete with decking as well as a Colorbond® roof.


At Granny Flats & Cabins Victoria, we only need one day on site for installation.  As we are a custom shed builder, we build everything out on site.  This means that there is no problem if the access to your backyard is limited, as we can also carry the materials through a doorway.  

Storage Space

Timber garden sheds are not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to your backyard, they are the perfect solution for your storage needs. Sheds provide endless storage options, from storing bits and pieces that clutter up your home and garden, to neatly housing your bikes, tools, chemicals and lawnmower.  The list is endless as to what you can store away safely and easily in your new outside haven.

View our Garden Shed range here.


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